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We are specialized in the selling and breeding of exclusive Koi. Our 8000 m2 Koifarm is located in Grubbenvorst. Here we can show all our customers top quality Japan Koi and Yoshikigoi and also here we have several gardens and koi ponds to enjoy.

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A&C Koi - Warranty

Unique in Europe is our 12 months warranty on our Tategoi. This warranty comprises of:

1   Better weight increase and development;
2   The conservation of patterns;
3   Optimal conservation of body shape;
4   High skin quality and conservation of this.

Often a Japan Koi is bought, with the hope that it remains unchanged. Especially because you find your new Koi precisely this way beautiful. Even more often you would like to obtain those Japan Koi that normally costs thousands of Euros / Dollars and therefore normally not obtainable by the most of us.

This is the reason that we have particularly specialised ourselves in these highly appreciated Koi, but the ones that are smaller in size. In other words, Koi that have the potential to develop into exclusive and precious species. This way these Koi become better obtainable for the most amongst us.

By our warranty you run little risk a mis buy or eventually end up deceived. Our unique warranty offers you, as being our customer, much more certainty that what you buy will match your desires. Not good surely means money back.

Where in the world you have been offered such a warranty. Exactly, nowhere except at A&C Koi, Ponds and Gardens. We not only say that we deliver quality but we also prove it.