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A&C Koi - Tuin met Koivijver

A&C 2007 koitrip to Japan
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Under a shining sun went hit the road for the sixth day. Time flies by in the land of the rising sun. We are now on route to Hirasawa where we have an appointment. Hirasawa normally has no Tosai available and it did cost some efforts before he agreed to bring some 40 of his Tategoi from which I was allowed to select 5. Now i can here you say "5 fish, is that sufficient to cover the effort. In this case I can tell you that where normally nobody is able to get some Tategoi of him, 5 is a lot. And when he then tells you I will bring 40 of which I may select 5 that means a lot. The 40 Jumbo Tosai which are on display for me are all approx. 30 cm in size. And I have to say, I asked for and I got Kohaku from the highest quality. The first up to the last where superb. It cost me therefore a lot of effort to slect 5 of them and at the end 7 where left in the bowl of which I could not make any further selection. After five long minutes he just said the wor "Domo" which means OK you can have them.
Kohaku 6
Kohaku 2
Kohaku 3
Kohaku 7
Kohaku 5
Kohaku 4
So if you look at these you can understand that it was impossible for me to make a further selection, see picture bowl.

The best Kohaku and an appointment with his sun that a could do the same upcoming Monday but then from a late breed of  Sanke and Kohaku.

If these are similar the these I can say that my week can not be bad anymore. Hereafter we left for Masaki to select some fish. The snow here is becoming lesser and lesser and you can see the mudponds popping out of the snow.
Kohaku 8
Kohaku 10
Kohaku 9
Also nothing kept us to make a stop at Shinoda. I did however not find the quality where I was looking for and therefore our visit was a short one.

Outside one of his Champion bulls looks us in the eye and I could resists to aanraken this animal (surely with Shinoda in the area).

The main reason that I go to Masaki is after 3 years of asking I finally will be able to obtain a potential breeding man to be used in our own breeding program and to keep the bloodline pure. A picture of this Shiro Utsuri is given at the left.

Masaki Sjiro Utsuri
Finally for today a last stop at Yamazaki to select some Hariwake and eventually Goromo and Ochiba. I have to say that the Hariwake had a little less yellow but his Ochiba where extraordinary in pattern.

Three of these are selected by me amongst two Ginrin. As always I say enjoy the pictures and especially for Wim and Ed congratulations with your Ochiba Shigure.
Yamazaki Mix Yamazaki Ochiba

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