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A&C 2007 koitrip to Japan
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The gathering yesterday evening together with the Japan Koi breeders was very cosy and some of us has a little the much alcohol. Besides that it also became very late. With a somewhat heavy head we all got up and the first part of our breakfast was therefore an Aspirin. But conform the famous Dutch saying: a man in the night should be a man in the morning.
Still somewhat dazzled we got in the car and off to Choguro the Platinum breeder. It is always very difficult to get something from Choguro if he wishes not to do so, and again I have to say to my deepest regret I did not succeed in my persuasions to make him agree that a could select some of his Tosai. We therefore select some larger fish before we prepared ourselves to go to the Showa breeder which a would like to visit for certain.
Platinum 1
Platinum 2
We are talking about the man behind the All Japan Show winner this year. This dream Showa is namely bred by Sekiguchi. To my believes this is the most beautiful Showa that I, and with me many others, ever have seen. It is however a long drive and made it ourselves comfortable in the car. During the ride almost all of is took a short nap and it is good that we have a driver who knows the way.

Once arrived at Sekiguchi we directly walked to his Koihouse to see what we can find. The doors of his koihouse already where wide open and we saw inside people cleaning the nets and the bowls and I need to say that the order and cleanliness was appealing to me when we left. Now however it was time to have a look at this world famous blood line and I can say that it completely overwhelmed.

We where allowed to select 20 Koi, al one year old and approx.  25 to 30 cm in size, so for Showa they have grown very well. In this case I need to say that the Koi where additionally fed, not fully fed. If they where fully fed they should have been approx.40 cm. After the selection I was pleased with myself and also the breeder give my a personal compliment related to my feeling of quality.
Showa 1
Showa 2
Showa 3
Showa 5
Showa 6
Showa 7
These Koi where not all the Koi that I selected. In another Koi basin his large fish where swimming and in between those some smaller Koi, similar in size to those that I already selected.

These fish seamed to call out for me and I asked whether or not these could be bowled. The water was a bit murky and therefore you could not really see the quality of the fish. My expectations and hopes where however very high. Nothing however could have prepared for these fish.

Tosai of a quality that I have never seen before. "Contesta" was the word that Sekiguchi used. And indeed, these koi are potential winners of every koishow in the world. When he indicated their pricing I can tell you that these koi where priced at a level that covered almost my complete Japan budget, so to start negotiations the best developed Koi was put back.

Showa 8
Showa 9
  The other three induced several movements in my "swallowing apparatus" before I started to withdraw. Still my eyes kept focus on these three Koi. So at the end a made a bid, and I almost was certain that it would be turned down. And of course, what you think you get. Exactly yes, immediately you hear NO but with a smile on the face.

Somewhat later I good a new offer and this again was something that brought my blood pressure to new record heights, and it became warmer and warmer. One thing however became more and more clear to me, these Koi should be mine. To make a long story a shorter I can say, THEY COME WITH ME TO THE NETHERLANDS.

These, however are the most expensive but also the best Tageoi that I ever have obtained. The fish will turn every koi lover hart in the next gear. Look with your own eyes and enjoy a top selection of one of the best blood lines from Japan. TATEGOI.

Sekiguchi Showa Contesta

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