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A&C Koi - Tuin met Koivijver

A&C 2007 koitrip to Japan
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Again a day past by and after the usual morning rituals we went off to the next breeder. This breeder had lost almost everything after the earth quake, his name is Singichi.

Howvere since a year he is back in business and my expectations where very high. And I have to say that what I saw did not only call up my respect but also the believe in the strong will and flexibility of these people.

A small but new and beautiful Koihouse has been build next to the road and inside you can see a beautiful new start with even a new variety named Ginrin Yamabuki.

I immediately started to select (because I was allowed to do so) some small fish but in between a second basin caught my eye. The water in this basin was a bit murky and therefore I was not able to have a good look. After a short discussion this basin was netted and I was offered to select some 20 koi of the highest quality. Amongst these are Doitsu Kohaku and Yamatonihischiki.

I think that the picture makes all  other superfluous and fully speaks for itself.
  Hereafter we left for Matsunoske Sakai, we had an appointment here that we could see real Jumbo Tosai and that we also could select some of these.

These Koi are between 25 and 35 cm and have grown withgout the influences of the warmth in the South, meaning only one season of growth. I therefore am very proud that we will be able to offer these Koi and especially this quality to our customers.

Besides, I would like to thank all the breeders for having the possibility to select some Tategoi fish from their own private collection. From the other breeders I have the hope that in future I have earned enough trust in our business and knowledge.

As usual we lost a lot if time in our schedule and we left Sakai San on took the quickest road to Miyatora.
Who ever has visited Miyatora knows that he has many superb Koi and every year he succeeds to raise this quality to new levels. However, I also know that the selection of his Tategoi is always very troublesome, therefore I expected the worst.

I was therefore very surprised that Miyatora immediately shook hands with me and indicated that I should follow him. I followed him without knowing where we were going to, I thought that he would like to show somethiong to me. Showing me, what an understatement... Everthing was ready to start my selection in is Tategoi basin and I was also told that I should select no more then 50 Koi. Within 10 minutes I was like a child in the candy store and collecting.

What these candies looked like is shown in the picture below. I hope that you can enjoy these as much as I do. Each time when I look at this picture my eyes start wandering from one fish to another. If you like Go Sanke I think that with many eyes of the readers of this report will happen the same.

So have a look at the future  that soon will soon come to Grubbenvorst in The Netherlands.


from left to right Marco, Theo, Jack en Gary


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