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A&C 2007 koitrip to Japan
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From 16 March up to 31 March A&C Koi is again on a koitrip to Japan to select a high quality collection of Japanese Koi. On this and the subsequent pages we keep you informed about our.
On Saturday morning we left for the long trip to Japan. This time I started my trip with a cold that I caught after coming back from our Florida trip. Thus this time I will enjoy the trip not as much as I did before, but this is something that I should overcome. In all cases I would not like to miss the opportunity to meet my friends in Japan. Several people accompanied me during my trip and will take the time in the days to come to present them a little further to you. Their names are Marco and Theo from The Netherlands and Gary and Jack two of my English friends each year travelling with me.
As a estimated before the trip to a long time because I kept sneezing and coughing. Add to this the "superb" food in the plane and would could there be left to desire. The arrival in Japan on Saturday evening was the most welcome part of the day and I went to bed after a quick meal.

I slept like a rose (Dutch saying) and where waked at 7 by the wake-up call. Having a heavy and sweaty head a took a shower before I got breakfast. The few slices bread tasted very well and where enjoyed by all.

Strictly at half past eight we left for our first address. This year we noticed that there was not that much snow. Given the fact that normally the snow is here pilled up very high, you could almost say that there was no snow at all ;-)

A full year has past since I visited Hosokai and I was pleased to meet him again. During the last year his Goshiki bloodline is used for our own Koi breeding program with average results. Perhaps I have now the opportunity to have some additional information and eventually obtain some additional high potential parent fish.

At the start our conversation did not progress very well and this was for sure so about the Tategoi. It was very difficult to get a positive turn in out business conversation.

After we talked a while about bloodlines and breeding I saw a small bowl in the corner of his koihouse. Finally, I got the chance to select some Jumbo Tosai. And as I was already pleased with this result had had even more pleasure when we looked at the other Tategoi.

Hosokai: No 1 Tategoi Inazuma Showa

  After a long discussion and after raising my bidding, he allowed me to select 10 Koi. The pond was netted and the selection could start. After two to three hours there where 10 Koi in the bowl that I could take with me, again after a long discussion. See and judge by yourself the quality of Top Jumbo Tategoi.

In all cases a felt that I succeeded in my goals and I am proud that I was able to obtain these superb fish.

This is the No 1 Goshiki of Hosokai's Jumbo Tategoi


Ai Goromo 1
Goshiki 1
Sanke 1
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Kohaku 1
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Sanke 1
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