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We are specialized in the selling and breeding of exclusive Koi. Our 8000 m2 Koifarm is located in Grubbenvorst. Here we can show all our customers top quality Japan Koi and Yoshikigoi and also here we have several gardens and Koi ponds to enjoy.

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A&C Koi - Yoshikigoi breeding results - development of young Koi during the first 15 months
6 January 2008 - 10 new Yoshikigoi added (top row)

Next to showing our Yoshikigoi breeding results on the Photo Pages we also believe that the development of young Koi to full grown Koi speaks to the imagination of the real Koi enthusiast. For this reason we have thought to show this development in pictures for our Yoshikigoi.

From a number of our Koi from own breeding we have taken pictures in the first as well as the second year. These pictures we would like to share with you. For this purpose we have made sets of two pictures from the same Koi which can be seen after clicking one of the thumbnail images of the Koi of your selection. The left image shows the young Koi having an age of approx 2 to 6 month's and the right image shows the same Koi but 12 to 15 months later. By comparing these images you can clearly see the development of the young Koi during the first 12 to 15 months.

On each left image you can see that the colour still needs to be fully developed. But in almost all cases the body shape as already available and just on this and also on the skin quality the young Koi are selected by us. In most cases additional one or two selections will follow before the Koi go into the winter.






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