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Also for the design and construction of Koi Ponds and exclusive Gardens you may contact us!

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We are specialized in the selling and breeding of exclusive Koi. Our 8000 m2 Koifarm is located in Grubbenvorst. Here we can show all our customers top quality Japan Koi and Yoshikigoi and also here we have several gardens and koi ponds to enjoy.

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From 1 September 2012 we are closed and
only opened after telephonic appointment.



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On our koifarm in Grubbenvorst we are able to approach our Yoshikigoi breeding program on a wide scale. For this purpose we have several koi growing ponds in the Netherlands.
And if you have a look at our Yoshikigoi show pages you can see why the A&C Yoshikigoi momentary are considered to be as one of the best koi outside of Japan.

Read also the article "Koi Breeding the European Way" in the 121nd issue of the English magazine "Koi" which gives an impression of our Yoshikigoi breeding program and a number of photographs of our Yoshikigoi.

With pride we present you also survey of our Yoshikigoi breeding results on our webpages where you can follow the development from several 3 month old baby koi to full grown koi shown in an extensive photo report.